Applications are welcomed from all who wish their children to attend The Chantry School. Students and Parents/Carers who are considering applying are warmly invited to visit the school. The school holds an Open Evening in the early autumn term which is designed to both give out information and provide an insight to what the school is like.  
We also encourage interested parents and carers to contact us with any individual queries they may have. 
Transfer from Primary to Secondary

Timetable for Admissions for September 2014 and any other appeals arising


High Schools
Closing Date for Applications 31 October 2013

School Offer Notification Date

- The offer will be made in
writing and posted 2nd class to
the child's home address 

1 March 2014

Appeals receipt deadline

-20 school days from the school offer
notification date in which to appeal 

28 March 2014

Appeals held deadline

-Appeals held within 40 school days of
the appeals receipt deadline 

By Monday 16 June 2014


Appellants will receive at least 10 school days notice of their appeal hearing. This can be waived if everyone agrees. Appeal papers will be distributed to all parties approximately 7 days before the appeal hearing. Any additional documents you wish to submit in support of your appeal must be sent to the Clerk at least 3 days before the date of the appeal hearing.

Dates for panel meetings are usually arranged during term time so as not to clash with holiday times (please note that half-term breaks are not considered to be main holiday periods and so appeals may be arranged at these times). However, dealing with large numbers of appeals in restricted timescales sometimes means dates have to be arranged during school holidays.

Decision letters will be sent out within five school days of the hearing wherever possible.

Waiting Lists 
When all available places have been allocated, The Chantry School will operate a waiting list. 
The Parent/Carers of students who are unsuccessful in gaining a place in the normal round of applications who wish their child to be included on the waiting list must inform us in writing. Any places that become available will be allocated according to the criteria of our admission policy. 
This waiting list is maintained until the end of December 2014. If you wish your child's name to remain on our waiting list after this date, you must inform us in writing.
In year admissions  (outside the normal transfer from primary to secondary)
If you wish to apply for a place at our school, please download the application form below using the link. When completed please return to school admissions by post to the following address – Pupil Admissions and Transfers Section, Worcestershire County Council, PO Box 73, Worcestershire, WR5 2YA. 
School Transport

Parents should be aware that applications for their children to use school transport from September 2014 should be submitted to the County Council Transport Team by the end of the Summer Term 2014 (by 25th July 2014), otherwise transport assistance cannot be guaranteed for the start of the Autumn Term 2014.

Applications for school transport can be completed at

(or by phoning the Worcestershire Hub : 01905 765 765)

Any students who are not entitled to transport assistance under the County Council's "Home to School Transport & Travel Policy" may be offered a place on school transport under the Vacant Seat Payment Scheme, but only once all entitled students have been allocated. This may mean that Vacant Seat students are not allocated a place immediately – full details are on the County Council website.

Waiting Lists

The school retains all waiting lists for each oversubscribed year group after 1 September.  Each term the waiting lists for each year group are re-compiled. Parents/carers must write to the Headteacher of the Chantry School at the start of  each new term confirming that they wish their child's name to remain on the list.  If a place should become available, Applications currently on the waiting list will be ranked according to our Oversubscription Criteria, and an offer will be made  to the child who ranks highest at that time. 
The parents/carers of children who are unsuccessful in gaining a place at The Chantry School have the right to appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. Parents/carers wishing to do this should contact in writing the Headteacher of The Chantry School within 14 days of receipt of notification. The Independent Appeals Panel's procedures are in accordance with the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998, as amended by the Education Act 2002 and the Schools Appeals Code of Practice. Parents/carers may attend the hearing of their appeal and make their case to the panel. 
Please see below for further information:

Admissions Policy 2013-2014

Admissions Policy 2014-2015

Admissions Policy 2015-2016

Catchment Area Map

WCC School Admissions Homepage


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