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Thank you for your interest in The Chantry School. 
We are an 11-16 Academy School situated in the beautiful countryside in West Worcestershire and serve a wide catchment area.

Students at The Chantry are encouraged to excel in all areas of school life – academically, socially and personally and, as a result, the school is rated as Outstanding by Ofsted.  The school provides a secure and caring environment that, when coupled with excellent teaching, ensures our students make excellent progress.  When students leave they typically have a wide range of choices for their next step.

 There is a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available in sport, drama, art, music as well as exciting trips and visits including exchange trips to France and China.  Our good work has been recognised with a host of awards including International School Award, Eco-School and Sportsmark amongst others.  However, the best way to judge the school is to visit.  We always welcome visitors so if you want to see our students and staff in action please do contact us.

 Best wishes.

Andrew Dickenson







Home Access Plus is The Chantry School's network portal. The portal will enable you to access your school documents from home and contains many useful links. Use your school login to enter.


There have recently been some changes to the Schools Microsoft Educational agreement that has enabled us to offer all students Microsoft Office for free (on up to five devices). The license for this software is only valid while the students are on roll at the school and therefore it is not being offered to year 11 as they will be leaving shortly. To benefit from this the students will be provided with a user account so that they can access our Office 365 site and subsequently install the software (instructions). Students also get 25gb of cloud storage space for saving documents and also collaborating with other students and staff. 


 parentview Ofsted Parent View

Parent View allows you to offer your view on 12 aspects of the school. Follow this

link to the official Ofsted website. The Chantry School will periodically complete its own reviews too – we hope parents will participate in both.



Todays Notices

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 Welcome to the Year 7 Page                    mainanimation

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Throughout the time in Year 7 all students get the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of software applications within a selection of contexts, plus gain an appreciation for hardware and how a computer works.

Year 7 Course Content

Benchmark Assessment

All students are required to complete the benchmark assessment activities at the start of the year for each subject. This requires each individual to work through a set series of tasks using different software applications, to demonstrate their prior knowledge and understanding of the subject. This then gives us a level of which to base their future progress within the school.


At present the ICT department produces 2 core tasks, using spreadsheets, slide shows, internet explorer and file management. Within the 2 lessons allocated for this assessment students are required to work through each task. See link below for the tasksheet given in class. In addition to this students are also asked to do an Audit of their current capabilities and knowledge to establish their prior learning.

Pupil Task Sheet - Lesson 1 Benchmark Assessment

Pupil Task Sheet - Lesson 2 (part 1) Benchmark Assessment

Pupil Task Sheet - Lesson 2 (part 2) Benchmark Assessment


Unit 1

Within their first unit of work the students are required to produce a website based on a current affair happening at that time in the press i.e. The Olympics or A Major Weather incident. In this piece of work they must consider the appropriateness of the content to suit a specific audience and plan their work in detail, looking at the key multimedia  elements (sound, video, animation, images and text), content to suit the audiences needs and the layout of each page with a clear navigational structure.  All students must ensure their work is fit for purpose, before refining and re-drafting in line with self and peer assessment. 

Example Work


Unit 2

The second unit of work that Year 7 are studying is a database unit. They are required to learn the basic terminology and content of a database, using MS Access. They are required to learn how to enter, edit, query and report basic information themed around a Poice Investigation Project.

Example Work

  Unit 3


  Unit 4

  Unit 5

The fifth unit of work for the students, requires them looking a different programming software to learn the basic concepts of sequencing and ordering instructions. 

For this unit students predominantly use Scratch as the software application, with extension work in Planet Kodu.

Students are able to download the Scratch software for free via the internet, however there are further applications for extension work available on the school network also.

In this unit, students consider how to write basic programme language to create an automated sequence. They are required to make a basic computer game for a specific audience, planning each stage and outcome. 


                      go robo                          flowol4                        scratch

 Student Assessment Sheet - Unit 5 Computer Programming & Sequencing

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