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Interested in joining the Chantry 200 Club? Please see the Friends of Chantry page
Friends 200 Club Oct: A new member wins! Congratulations to Mrs Pinches.
Network Portal Home Access Plus - access your school documents from home - see below slideshow
Students get Microsoft Office for free plus 25gb of cloud storage space with the schools Office 365 site - see below
Please remember that it will be week one after half term



Thank you for your interest in The Chantry School. 
We are an 11-16 Academy School situated in the beautiful countryside in West Worcestershire and serve a wide catchment area.

Students at The Chantry are encouraged to excel in all areas of school life – academically, socially and personally and, as a result, the school is rated as Outstanding by Ofsted.  The school provides a secure and caring environment that, when coupled with excellent teaching, ensures our students make excellent progress.  When students leave they typically have a wide range of choices for their next step.

 There is a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities available in sport, drama, art, music as well as exciting trips and visits including exchange trips to France and China.  Our good work has been recognised with a host of awards including International School Award, Eco-School and Sportsmark amongst others.  However, the best way to judge the school is to visit.  We always welcome visitors so if you want to see our students and staff in action please do contact us.

 Best wishes.

Andrew Dickenson






 parentview Ofsted Parent View

Parent View allows you to offer your view on 12 aspects of the school. Follow this link to the official Ofsted website. The Chantry School will periodically complete its own reviews too – we hope parents will participate in both.



Home Access Plus is The Chantry School's network portal. The portal will enable you to access your school documents from home and contains many useful links. Use your school login to enter.


There have recently been some changes to the Schools Microsoft Educational agreement that has enabled us to offer all students Microsoft Office for free (on up to five devices). The license for this software is only valid while the students are on roll at the school. To benefit from this the students will be provided with a user account so that they can access our Office 365 site and subsequently install the software (instructions). Students also get 25gb of cloud storage space for saving documents and also collaborating with other students and staff. 




Todays Notices

Thur 23 Oct


FIELD FORECAST : OFF at break time and lunchtime

Anyone who would like to sell the poppies at lunchtime please see reception.

Rachel Fellows to go to your lesson with Miss Hawkins.

Rock School 3.30-4.30pm

There will be NO Hockey on the first Tuesday back (4 November). It will restart the following week.

'New Views' playwriting group today at lunch, no later than 1.30 in Drama studio - Y10/11.

Y7,9,10,11 Football clubs

Cheerleading club after school today until 5pm in the gym.

YEAR 7: none


Mr McCauley's German group P3 should go straight to Rm 20 upstairs by Drama.

Y8 Rugby squad meeting at break time. Important that you all attend please. Y8 Rugby v Blessed Edward (H) finish 5.30pm

Congratulations to 8Bre lowest behaviour points since assembly. See you in Rm 18 at 3pm.

YEAR 9 :

Please can Mrs Gibbins' Lord of the Flies group meet on the mezzanine at 3pm.

Maths Set 6 to go to Rm 17 P3.

YEAR 10:

Mr McCauley's German group P2 should go straight to Rm 20 upstairs by Drama.

YEAR 11:

Y11 House matches P2 Boys-Football, Girls-Benchball

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The Chantry School             Tel: 01886 887100           Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          Company Number: 07657852 

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